Accro Park

Come and discover the new acrobatic course in height, located in the middle of nature and at the edge of the body of water. Dare to compete with nature through unusual workshops: tobogganing, surfing, cycling, climbing and more than 320m of zip lines. Thrills guaranteed!

Unforgettable experience for beginners, a real challenge for the seasoned with the red and black courses.

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The different routes


Beginner level

Initiation course + Green course

Duration: 1h30 max

Platform height: 60cm to 3m30

Minimum age: 6 years old



Intermediate level

Initiation course + green + blue + zip line


Duration: 2 hours max

Platform height: 1m50 and 12m95

Minimum age: 8 years old​



Difficult level

Initiation course + green + blue + zip line + red + black



Duration: 3 hours maximum

Platform height: 4m70 and 8m10

Minimum age: 12 (red) / 14 (black)

Obligatory passage on the blue courses

Minimum height: 1m25 (red) / 1m50 (black)


Useful information

The duration indicated represents the maximum time that can be spent on the courses. It is possible to repeat the same course several times.

Buying tickets : The ticket office is located at the reception of the cable park (water ski lift) located 200m from the Accro Park activity.
It is possible to move from one level to another by paying a supplement.

Accompaniment of minors : It is not possible to accompany minors on the course itself, our instructors are there to ensure their safety. However, your presence in the Accro Park is requested.

Attire : Open-toed shoes (e.g. flip-flops) are prohibited. We recommend a sporty outfit with closed shoes. It is mandatory to have your hair tied back.

Accro Park