Cable Park

The Rouffiac cable, open since 1999, is approximately 800m long and travels at an average speed of 30km/h. It is dotted with 9 coaches to which the rudder bars cling. It is therefore possible to practice a dozen people at the same time. The cable is supported by 5 pulleys, placed 9m above the water. The semi-vertical pull makes it easier for pros to practice, allowing them to perform larger and more complex tricks, but also makes it easier for beginners to learn. Ecological, economical, the best ski lifts are also equipped with obstacles (called modules): 2 large kickers, 1 small kicker, 1 ejector kicker, 1 rising slider, 1 rooftop, 1 S-box and a funbox in Rouffiac. Our skills range from coaching the youngest beginners to the most advanced riders.

You will find every day the friendliness and good humor of the world of skiing. Our operators specialized in wakeboarding and accustomed to competitions will welcome you and help you progress, on a body of water protected from the wind in the heart of nature.

The different slides


Le Kneeboard

Kneeboarding is a nautical sliding sport that consists of sliding on the water in a kneeling position on a board. The board is thick enough and there is foam between the board and the knees to absorb shocks. This is the easiest activity in Cable Park.

Water skiing

Water skiing

Water skiing is a nautical sliding sport that consists of sliding on the water standing on two skis. It is advisable to try this activity before switching to wakeboarding because it is relatively quick to learn and it allows you to master the course well, especially in the turns. It provides the first sensations in a standing position.



Wakeboarding is a nautical sliding sport that consists of sliding on the water standing on a board. It is an activity that is accessible but remains more technical than kneeboarding or water skiing.

Beginners will use wakeboards with straps (so that the feet can easily be removed in the event of a fall). While the intermediates and the confirmed will have closed shoes.

At first, the goal will be to do tricks. Thereafter, it will be possible to perform figures sliding on the water. The modules will be accessible for licensed persons.

Useful information

The ski lift is open from the spring holidays (early April) to the autumn holidays (early November).
Tickets can be purchased at the reception of the water ski lift, different formulas are available (price per hour, day pass, season card, etc.).
To practice the water ski lift, it is mandatory to know how to swim.

Dress : Take your most comfortable bathing suit, board shorts and T-shirt allowed. If the weather requires it, neoprene suits are available on site.
  • Wearing a helmet and a compulsory vest for all practitioners.
    ​​The loan of standard equipment is included in our prices (bi ski and standard wakeboard).​
  • When using personal equipment (helmet, vest, etc.), the practitioner must ensure that their equipment meets CE standards.
Accompaniment of minors:
  • Minimum age of 12 years old (double pulley 10 years old)
    Compulsory presence of parents for minors from 10 to 12 years old.

Cable Park

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